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Here it is, friends!

The Essential Wedding and Engagement Planner is the FIRST OF ITS KIND and there is truly nothing else like it. DIY with authenticity and simplicity. 

Did you know: Many couples spend 100% of their engagement season planning the wedding of their dreams but forget to be intentional about planning the marriage of their dreams too? I hear it all the time. It's kind of like constructing a building and planning a grand opening party but forgetting to pour the foundation. Right?

Hi! I'm Whitney Wing Drake, and I'm a 16 year veteran wedding coordinator, wedding/event planning college instructor, and a certified marriage mentor. I poured my whole heart into creating a paper planner that would meet couples' unique needs in this completely transformative season of life. The Essential Wedding and Engagement Planner is a guided A-Z wedding planner. So for couples planning their own big day there are meaningful and very comprehensive how-to's, articles, and worksheets to help you think like a professional and stay within budget. In these pages you'll also find: marriage planning, relationship goal-setting, and ideas to help you two grow closer and slay this season together!

Professional guidance every step of the way, with PLENTY of extra room for your own thoughts, brainstorming, and dreams.

Cuddle up in bed with your planner for some quiet reflection, take it to your favorite coffee shop for distraction-free relaxation, throw it in your backpack and hike to your favorite spot, display it proudly on your desk -- the opportunities are endless! 

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