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We create tech-free planning tools to set you up for success each and every day. We believe in intentionality, meaning, and putting pencil to (recycled) paper.

We also believe in keeping technology in it's place; maintaining a healthy balance by finding simple ways to avoid digital distraction.

NOTE: Whitney and her family are in the midst of a cross-state move and most inventory is in transit. At this time, only The Essential Homeschool Planner is available for purchase. The rest of the shop should re-open by October 2021.


Essential Homeschool Planner


Essential Wedding and ENGAGEMENT (HARDCOVER)

To hardcover planner

Essential Wedding and ENGAGEMENT (SOFTCOVER)

to softcover planner

The brand new Essential Wedding and Engagement Planner is the FIRST OF ITS KIND and there is absolutely nothing like it.

The Essential Wedding and Engagement Planner is a guided all-you-need-to-know wedding + engagement planner. It walks you through every step of your wedding planning process and also includes plenty of empty space in each section for your brainstorming and details. You'll notice the emphasis on MINDFUL, INTENTIONAL, COLLABORATIVE PLANNING

brought to you in a simple format to invoke a feeling of calm. No other planner compares because this is designed for the couple who wants to live out their engagement season to it's fullest -- focused on wedding, marriage, AND personal goals.

Proudly created by Whitney Wing Drake, a 16 year wedding coordination company owner/founder, college instructor, podcast host, graduate student, and certified marriage mentor through Prepare/Enrich. 


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