Ep. 1 How to Bring Your Best Self to Wedding and Marriage Planning w/Amanda McKinnon, Lifestyle Coach and Educator

EPISODE 1: The premier episode! A conversation with Wedding Photographer, Lifestyle Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Student of Life and Nature, Amanda McKinnon on “Bringing Your Best Self to Wedding and Marriage Planning.”

Bringing Your Best Self to Wedding and Marriage Planning episode title

To learn more about Amanda McKinnon, please follow her in Instagram @amanda_mckinnon. Also, check this out La Luna Bachelorette Getaways to learn about the retreats her company, La Luna, hosts for Bachelorette Party. Where were these when I was getting married? I would have been there in a heartbeat!


In This Episode: 

  • Don’t forget who you are. Take care of yourself and grow strong roots because marriage can be a windy place, but wind can blow things over if they don’t have strong roots. The point of marriage is to lean on each other when you need to, but enjoy each other because life is a journey. Often times we confuse this and we look to our partner to fill in our gaps and fill up our cups, this creates a lot of pressure. Direct your attention inward and inspire each other’s self care! 
  • Spend time enjoying what it feels like to be free. The wedding is a union of two people, focusing on loving yourself through and through will bring a full person to the big day. What a beautiful place to start from. We have to fill our own cup, because when we know how to fill our own cup, we can help fill our spouse’s when they need it, and we now have the tools, to return again and refill our own cup. The well is endless.  
  • Have YOUR own wedding. The two of you, as a newly forming family. Don’t let too many outside influences come in, it will happen, the internet, pinterest, instagram, the pressures are endless. When it comes down to the nitty gritty, this is one day, a launch pad for a whole lifetime- focus on the love and community, bearing in mind that love is what will see you through a long and healthy marriage, NOT an overdone candy buffet. 
  • Take good care of your health. Do NOT try to fit in some unattainable tiny dress- focus on showing up your wedding day nourished and healthy. All too often we fall into the “skinny” trap. I did. Health is your greatest wealth, and who wants wealth? Um everyone. Look like you!
  • Don’t be a Bridezilla. Do not by any means ever take out your wedding frustration on your friends, they DO NOT deserve it. Again, fill your cup. A lot of women let their wedding get to their head, forgetting that it is a humble union of lovers- this day is your biggest day, but not everyone else’s. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but it is the truth. Your friends will try to support the best they can, but be reasonable with your expectations- you will be a lot happier because of it. 
  • Less is more. Egos aside, the wedding day is to be enjoyed and remembered, don’t put too much pressure on yourself or what people think. Have a day that feels good and will live on in the history of You, forever :) 


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