Ep. 14 How to Style Your Wedding Like a Stylist w/Michelle Durpetti, Celebrated Wedding Planner and Stylist

Is it time to start thinking about your wedding color palette, style inspirations, and the emotions expressed through your wedding aesthetic? Friends, you are going to LOVE this episode! Make a statement, stretch your dollars with high-impact choices, and feel confident that your wedding's style will be forever timeless. My guest in today's episode is celebrated wedding planner + stylist, Michelle Durpetti.

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Michelle walks us through her journey as a planner and stylist over the last 20+ years and she shares where she goes for inspiration.

What is the difference between a wedding coordinator, wedding planner, and a wedding stylist?

We both share why you should not hire a day-of coordinator. Why you should spend a minimum of one month with your wedding coordinator (“month-of coordination.”)

How to make sure your wedding has a rhythm and a nice energy to it.

How to make your vendors your “creative partners” and how to choose vendors who have the right attitude and insight to make your day SO special.

Michelle tells us about the first meeting she has with her new clients and the very special, and unique, night out she plans with them.

Lots of advice and suggestions for the types of places a couple should look for wedding style inspiration - travels, movies, celebrity crushes, a historical figure, favorite stories, favorite books, landscapes, periods of time.

How to take the visuals and translate them into words everyone can understand. It's a fine art!

"You’re creating a day where you are going to look at this person and pledge to be their partner in good and in bad. And then you’re going to throw a big party, in your way, to celebrate that you just did that. And you’re going to be surrounded by the people that you like most when you do it. That should not hurt. That should not feel unpleasant." - Michelle

What to do when you love the idea of something but you don’t think there is any way you can actually incorporate it into your special day.

Start with your passions and look inside yourself. Because it can be so easy to lose sight of who you are and what you love when you allow yourself to become overwhelmed by outside influences (such as Pinterest and Instagram).

How this industry is actually designed to cause overwhelm. It’s a huge machine now that is designed to “lessen authenticity.” That’s why so many creatives, and stylists, are actually fighting for authenticity.

Are you experiencing Style FOMO? What to do when you’re having a hard time committing to one aesthetic when there are so many other options out there. How can you combat Style FOMO?

How to get to the point of feeling creatively satiated.

Michelle talks to us about the changes she’s been seeing in the wedding industry lately, specifically more eco-conscious weddings and couples being more mindful of their carbon footprint and having less waste.

How to make style choice that are timeless.

The incredible advice Michelle gives her clients when they’re feeling stressed or losing sight of what matters most. I LOVE this!!

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Michelle Durpetti portfolio photo

Michelle Durpetti portfolio photo

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Michelle Durpetti portfolio photo

Michelle Durpetti Bio:

Since the inception of Michelle Durpetti Events in 2008, Michelle has planned and produced over 300 weddings and events including some of Chicago’s most notable, celeb-studded events such as the Chicago Gateway Green’s annual Green Tie Ball, the Fiera Italiana, in conjunction with the annual Columbus Day Parade, for the Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans, and the Chicago Hunter Derby. Michelle was recently named one of the Top 50 Planners in the country by Partyslate and has been featured both nationally and locally by publications such as Inside Weddings, Style Me Pretty, Grace Ormonde, Modern Luxury Weddings, Strictly Weddings, Today’s Chicago Woman Magazine and more. Now past the ten year marker with MDE, Michelle still works with couples planning their weddings and events because she loves to do it. She balances her time between MDE and being a managing partner in her family’s hospitality group in Chicago while also being a competitive amateur equestrian and volunteering her time with various charitable organizations.





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