Ep. 16 What You Should & Should Not Expect from Your Wedding Party w/ Christina Kwitoski

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In today’s episode (which is episode 16) we talk about your wedding party and we cover what you should and shouldn’t expect from the people you choose to fill these esteemed roles. We start from the basics of what you’ll need to know. So what is a maid of honor and a matron of honor? What is the difference? When might you have a man of honor? What are bridesmaids and groomsmen? We discuss all the titles and their typical responsibilities.

Then we discuss what it looks like to be in someone’s wedding party -- both in terms of the time commitment and financial commitment involved. What does it cost on average?

Then we move into some of the stickier subjects — like, what do you do if someone in your wedding party isn’t holding up their end of the deal? Maybe you feel like someone is flaking out or not being supportive. Or maybe they're bringing the drama! We talk about what you can do in those circumstances.


  • We begin by going over common responsibilities for each type of wedding party member (Maid of Honor, Bridesmaids, Best Man, Groomsmen) throughout the year and then specifically on the wedding day.
  • How many hours per week would a bridesmaid/groomsman expect to dedicate? (Then we do the math — so how many hours per month, and how many hours total assuming a 12-month engagement?)
  • What kind of financial commitment might be expected of each person? We run down the list of typical costs (bachelor/bachelorette party, rent/purchase attire, shoes, jewelry, bridal shower, hair/makeup/nails for the wedding day, travel, hotel accommodations, etc.?)
  • Are the girls normally responsible for the price of their own hair and makeup?
  • What if someone can’t afford to pay for the things listed above? What if someone can’t afford to attend the bachelor/bachelorette party? 
  • Is it ok to pick up the cost for some members of your party and not others?
  • If you were in someone’s wedding party, would you automatically ask them to be in yours?
  • Should the members of your wedding party automatically get a +1?
  • Can you demote someone if they’re not pulling their weigh or not being supportive?
  • What if someone is a close friend of yours but you know they don’t support your union? Should they still be in your wedding party?
  • What if two people don’t get along? Should you still ask them both to be in your wedding party?

My expert guest is seasoned wedding coordinator, Christina Kwitoski. She is the right hand gal to the owner of the wedding coordination company All About You Events, based in Newport Beach CA. Christina also has a masters degree in Organizational Management and I really appreciate all the wisdom and authenticity she brought to our episode. You're going to love her!


Episode Title Square "What You Should (and Shouldn't) Expect from Your Wedding Party

Episode Title Square "What You Should (and Shouldn't) Expect from Your Wedding Party


ABOUT MY GUEST, Christina Kwitoski

Christina is a NorCal native but currently resides in SoCal. As Event Manager for All About You Events, Christina is responsible for implementing the creative, technical and logistical elements of each event, including venue assessment, vendor agreements, staff management, staging & décor and the development of timelines and budgets.  A gifted event manager and ultimate multi-tasker, Christina contributes strong project management skills and has a keen eye for the fine details.

Christina received her Masters in Organizational Management and a BS in Recreation Administration from Cal Poly. When Christina is not brushing up on her self-taught calligraphy or photography skills, she can be found enjoying time with her hubby, 8 year old daughter and dog, Charlotte.



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