Ep. 19 Planning During a Pandemic pt. 1 w/ Liz Higgins, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Founder of Millennial Life Counseling

Hi, friends! In today's episode we are moving into episode 1 of the two-part series, "Planning During a Pandemic." At this extraordinary moment of our lives, I think we're all looking around for some sort of clarity and even guidance about how we can best manage these times.
If you're engaged, or you were hoping/planning to become engaged, the feelings of uncertainly are likely compounded and are probably having a major impact on what this season feels like for you. So it is especially important to me to show up well for you, friends! 



You probably have questions like: 

Should we stick to the original date we have (which we made before this all began) and now it’s coming up?

We don’t have a date yet so when should we be thinking about planning our big day?

How is this pandemic going to impact the vision I’ve always had about what my wedding day would someday be like? What can we still do and what will need to change?

Should we still try to have a big wedding or should we be thinking about something smaller, or destination, or maybe even just the two of us?

How should I come to the day that would have been our wedding day but we had to cancel?

So to answer all these questions (and more!) I invited Liz Higgins, LMFT to be my expert guest in this episode. Liz is the founder of Millennial Life Counseling, a practice focused on helping couples and individuals create epic marriages, relationships, and lives in the modern world.


We have a conversation about what it means to be engaged, in this covid-19 season, through the lens of maintaining a strong, unified, connection with each other. 

  • So many engaged couples are more stressed than ever. How to deal with the added stress you two may be feeling.
  • Conflict between partners is also on the rise. How can couples show up well, and even use conflict, in a healthy way?
  • How to decide whether to get married sooner (maybe even stick with a wedding date you already chose prior to the start of the pandemic) or whether it's best to wait it out.
  • Other thoughts to be taking into consideration (i.e. "should we scale down, make it a destination, cut our budget", etc.)
  • How to take care of yourselves and each other, even amidst the extra highs and lows being tossed your way.
  • How you two can make the most of your engagement season. Our ideas for some fun bonding activities that will bring you two closer.
  • Suggestions for how to use empathy, especially on the extra hard days.
  • How to honor the day that would have been your wedding day, which you two had to cancel or reschedule.

Here are Links to what we discussed in the episode:

Youtube: Brene Brown on Empathy

Books on Enneagram: The Road Back to You & The Path Between Us 



Liz Higgins

Liz’s relationship blogs have been featured on The Huffington Post, Today, The Gottman Institute Blog, Prepare-Enrich, and more. Liz has a publication in the AAMFT Magazine, and continues to write and speak on millennial trends related to couple dynamics.

To follow Liz Higgins, find her at millenniallifecounseling.com and on Instagram at @millenniallifecounseling.


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