Ep. 2 Your Wedding Budget: What Is Essential? w/Karen Nguyen, Top Wedding Coordinator

EPISODE 2: Get ready for pure wedding planning gold in this new episode, “Your Wedding Budget: What is Essential?”

Your Wedding Budget episode 2 title


My lovely guest is Karen Nguyen, owner of Wish Wonder Dream which is one of the top Wedding Coordination companies in SoCal.

In this episode:

We start with a fabulous exercise called “What is Essential” so you can identify what the top 3 priorities are for your wedding day and what you can scratch right off your list.*

Then we’ll cover…

  • Establishing a budget you two are comfortable with.
  • How to talk to your parents about contributing to your budget.
  • Setting boundaries from outside influences.. especially people with big opinions!
  • How it can save you a ton to consult a wedding coordinator prior to signing the dotted line at your venue.
  • What order to head in when it’s time to book vendors.
  • The most common way a budget spirals out of control.
  • How to light a fire in your planning process.
  • And SO. MUCH. MORE. This episode is jam-packed with advice and must-knows!

I also share my list of Top 7 Ways Couples Waste Money at their Wedding and I walk you through a full wedding budget breakdown.**


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* pages 21-22 in Essential Wedding & Engagement Planner
**pages 25-26 in Essential Wedding & Engagement Planner


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