Ep. 20 Planning During a Pandemic pt. 2 w/Bonnie Chase of Bliss Events

Hi, friends! Today we're in episode 20, which is the second episode in this two-part series, "Planning During a Pandemic." At this extraordinary moment of our lives, I know SO many couples are searching for clarity on how best to manage these times. So these two episodes focus on two super important aspects of your engagement -- your relationship and planning your wedding!

Episode 19 was all about your relationship (a must listen!) and now Episode 20 is on wedding planning, specifically during this time.

Bonnie Chase HeadshotToday my guest is Bonnie Chase, who is the Owner and Founder of Bliss EventsLike most expats who live and work in Mexico, Bonnie moved to Cabo and fell in love with it. With a background in event-driven marketing, she began working almost exclusively on events with an emphasis on weddings and becoming the premiere Cabo Wedding Planner. While she proudly employs a team of event planners, she personally cultivates and maintains a relationship with every client.

Bonnie is a true visionary with a love for innovation and an extremely creative approach to designing events. Her extraordinary attention to detail not only results in flawless event design, but exceptional budget management. With years of combined experience and dynamic skills, the Bliss team has the resources to overcome any challenge, solve any problem, and recommend the very best services that Cabo has to offer, all while making sure that your wedding or special event is absolutely perfect.

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Potential Reasons to Have Your Wedding Now:

  1. Couples have done a tremendous amount of work already, and everything is already ready to go. Some couple’s have shared with me that they don’t want to sit around and wait another month or year, that its now or never for their wedding.
  2. Some couples have a sensitive timeline in their personal lives that encourages them not to postpone.  Maybe they are starting a family, or one or more of them is immigrating to a new country. Someone could be a member of the military, or be starting school. There are many reasons that some couples feel that postponing is not right for them. 
  3. No penalties or fees. Some venues and vendors are charging a fee for people who are choosing to postpone. (This was not the case when we were in a true force majeure situation and the borders were closed, but now that things are opening, policies are changing). It may not be a deal-breaker for some couples, but others prefer to keep the budget as conservative as possible.
  4. Fewer guests means less spending. So the silver lining of a smaller wedding is a lower price.
  5. This pandemic might not go away anytime soon, so it might not be something we can just wait out.
  6. Hotels, venues, and vendors are learning how to execute weddings in this new era, taking safety precautions.

Potential Reasons for Postponing:

  1. Some guests are sure to feel uncomfortable traveling, so the headcount might be less if you try to have the wedding now. Some of your VIPS might not be able to make it. (this is specific to destination weddings, because travel is a huge factor for us). Postponing might help ensure that guests are more likely to make it.
  2. It might not be possible to have your wedding now if you or your guests are traveling from a country whose borders are still closed. This was the case for us for couples in Iran, Australia, and China.
  3. Some guests are not comfortable gathering in groups right now.
  4. This might be a safer option, as the Covid crisis begins to resolve itself.  Specifically, if a vaccine becomes available the risks will go down.
  5. If the couple or their immediate VIPs have autoimmune disease, respiratory disease, or any other pre-existing condition that makes traveling or gathering in groups unsafe. 

Bonnie's Advice for Couples:

  1. This has to be a personal decision that feels right to you. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and it should be a celebration, and not a cause for stress or fear. If having the wedding during this crisis is going to be stressful for you, then postponing might be a better choice for you.
  2. It’s important to be flexible weather you are postponing or having your wedding now.  Things are changing on a nearly daily basis, and we as wedding pros have to be up to date on policies for your venue, hotel, municipality, etc. With times changing so abruptly, I encourage couples to hold everything in an open hand, especially until they have contracts or addendums signed.
  3. 2021 is already proving to be extremely busy with weddings because so many couples in 2020 had to postpone. This is something to be aware of if you’re a newly engaged couple looking for dates in 2021. It’s not the time to sit back and relax.
  4. The busy 2021 season is resulting is prices climbing. This is simple supply and demand, and many couples who are moving to new dates are very surprised to see that the rates have jumped substantially.

* Everyone that we’ve worked with through this has been incredible supportive and flexible. Vendors have postponed dates without any questions, fees, or complications. Venues have done full cancellations as well as postponements. The general experience that I’ve personally had has been one of camaraderie. We’re all in this together, and we’ve been able to solve very big problems as a team. I think that everyone in the wedding industry has a place in their heart for engaged couples, and how special and important weddings are. And this love and commitment to our couples is what’s been able to get through this completely unprecedented situation.




​Bliss Events is a full-service wedding and event planning company that began in Los Cabos, Mexico, one of the world’s most visited destinations for weddings. Los Cabos is host to countless breath-taking resorts, beaches, villas, restaurants, and other locations, that it’s impossible not to imagine the endless possibilities for weddings and events. In the years since its inception, Bliss Events has expanded its services, and has planned and executed extraordinary weddings and events in the United States and other parts of Mexico.

The Bliss Events team is incredibly passionate about their work. The mission is simple – to provide exemplary service, to be a partner through every step of the planning process, and when the big day comes, to deliver the event you’ve always dreamed of.

To follow Bonnie Chase on Instagram, find her at: @eventsbybliss


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