Ep. 21 Ask a Wedding Planner: "Who Might It Be OK to Exclude From My Wedding Party?"

Hey, friends! In episode 21, I'm jumping in to reflect on an article I read in Martha Stewart Weddings called "8 People You Shouldn't Feel Obligated to Have in Your Wedding Party." (August 31, 2017) 



Whitney Wing Drake


Here's your list of the types of people it maybe ok to exclude from your wedding party.

The first 8 are from the Martha Stewart article mentioned above, and then I added 3 more of my own!

Please have a listen to the episode where I elaborate on each and I share whether I agree or disagree with them.

(1) Exes

(2) Cousins

(3) Parents or Godparents

(4) Your Fiancé's Opposite-Sex BFF

(5) Your College Roommate

(6) Your Sorority Sisters

(7) Your Friends' Significant Others

(8) Busy People

(9) Old Childhood Friendships Who Have Faded Out Over Time 

(10) Anyone You've Known For Less Than 1 Year

(11) Anyone Who is Not Genuinely Supportive of Your Marriage 


Episode 21 title Essential Wedding Podcast 


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