Ep. 6 A Wedding in the Oaks Under the Summer Sky w/Real-Life Newlyweds Sara and Jesse

Sara Reden and Jesse Flower-Ambroch are my guests this week and I am still on such a high from our conversation. Sara is my oldest friend in the world, and she has always lived a life of mindfulness.

Sara and Jesse episode title

After meeting her now husband, the equally-mindful Jesse, they combined forces to plan a wedding day that was a beautiful representation of their shared passions and interests. Now 6 weeks past their wedding, we reflect on their beautiful day to discuss:

  • Allowing the locations they selected for their ceremony and reception to dictate guest count and several other elements of their day.
  • Whittling down to the essentials and allowing their wedding day to take shape organically, based on what was most important to them.
  • Planning a zero-waste wedding ceremony in nature.
  • The pros and cons of relying on a network of friends and acquaintances to hire as wedding vendors.
  • Blending Jewish and Buddhist backgrounds/faiths.
  • Special readings and personal vows.
  • Transforming an industrial space into a wedding reception.
  • An intentional, seasonal, farm-to-table menu that was a feast for the senses. Foodies will LOVE this part!
  • Jesse, a sound engineer walks us through his process of choosing lyrics, instruments, and vibrational frequencies to create playlists that set the right mood.

At the end of our conversation, Sara and Jesse individually shared their favorite parts of their day and, friends, have your tissue box handy.


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