Ep. 7 Must-Knows for Touring Potential Wedding Venues w/ Jen Loller of Maravilla Gardens and The Venue Reports

Yay! It’s time to start considering potential venues for your big day! To make sure you’re all set and fully prepared this episode is PACKED with helpful tips and advice.

In episode 7, I start with a list of 8 Decisions to Make Before You Begin Touring Venues

Then, I have a conversation with Jen Loller, who is the owner and site manager of the super popular, high-demand, family-owned wedding venue, Maravilla Gardens in Camarillo, CA. She also owns and operates The Venue Projects, where she consults for other wedding venues and helps them develop a vision for their location and brand, and then helps them fine-tunes their operations and overall process. She’s amazing!

Jen Loller Episode Title

Jen gives us SO much insight into the process of choosing the best wedding venue for your big day, including:

  • Why it’s crucial to have a great relationship with the staff at your venue.
  • How to look for red flags on a contract.
  • Why some venues require that the couple book certain “required” vendors.
  • Minimum amount of time for setup and strike
  • What is a Food and Beverage Minimum?
  • How to make sure you’re not backed into a corner on catering costs. Negotiating the right food and beverage minimum.
  • What is the difference between a Site Manager and a Wedding Coordinator?
  • Why hire a wedding coordinator?
  • What Plan B scenarios should you ask about before you book your venue?
  • How to make intelligent decisions in the planning process and then let the day unfold.
  • What are the red flags to look for in a venue’s contract?
  • Should your venue be able to cancel your wedding? How can you protect yourself?
  • If your venue is planning to make changes (updates, renovations, etc.) do they have to communicate that to you?
  • What if you want to bring a pet? How to arrange that with your venue.

Inside the episode, Jen tells us about the insurance company that specializes in wedding and event insurance. In case it’s helpful to you, here is a link to their site:

RV Nuccio & Associates exclusively does wedding insurance


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