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Ep. 21 Ask a Wedding Planner: "Who Might It Be OK to Exclude From My Wedding Party?"

Hey, friends! In episode 21, I'm jumping in to reflect on an article I read in Martha Stewart Weddings called "8 People You Shouldn't Feel Obligated to Have in Your Wedding Party." (August 31, 2017)    Essential Wedding Podcast · Ep. 21 Ask a Wedding Planner: "Who Might It Be OK To Exclude From My Wedding Party?   INSIDE THE EPISODE Here's your list of the types of people it maybe ok to exclude from your wedding party. The first 8 are from the Martha Stewart article mentioned above, and then I added 3 more of my own! Please have a listen to the episode where I elaborate on each and I share whether I agree or disagree with them. (1) Exes (2)...

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Ep. 20 Planning During a Pandemic pt. 2 w/Bonnie Chase of Bliss Events

Hey, Hey Welcome to the Essential Wedding Podcast. I’m your host, Whitney Wing Drake and I’m SO happy to here with you today! We’re in episode 20, which is the second episode in a two part series called Planning During a Pandemic. If you haven’t heard part 1, go back and have a listen to episode 19 after this. It's REALLY good stuff! In this episode, my guest is Bonnie Chase, who is the Owner and Founder of Bliss Events.  Let me share some details about Bonnie with you: Like most expats who live and work in Mexico, Bonnie moved to Cabo and fell in love with it. With a background in event-driven marketing, she began working almost exclusively on events with...

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Ep. 11 The Wedding Vows Episode

We're discussing WEDDING VOWS and going through all the things you need to know to decide whether you'd like to stick to reciting traditional vows or changing it up a bit and following the growing trend of writing your own personal vows. My social media intern, Emily, joined me in this episode and we think there are definitely benefits to both! So we're walking you through them ALL.

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