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Ep. 17 Planning a Destination Wedding w/Zohe Felici, Destination Wedding Expert

Hi, friends! In today's episode we're talking through all things destination weddings! If you're thinking that a destination wedding might be the way to go on your big day (whether it's in a different part of your state, in a different country, or even on the other side of the world) this episode is going to inspire you and equip you with tons of helpful advice. As always, I brought in a subject-matter expert to chat with and today's guest is the fabulous, Zohe Felici.

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Ep. 16 What You Should & Should Not Expect from Your Wedding Party w/ Christina Kwitoski

Hi friends, it’s Whitney! Welcome to season 2 of the essential wedding podcast! I’m so glad to be back and I am BEYOND excited to start rolling out new episodes for this season because I think they’ll answer MANY important questions and will guide you SO well through this once in a lifetime season in your life! These next 15 episodes are going to be fire! If you are new to the essential wedding podcast, welcome! If this means that you are newly engaged, or thinking about becoming engaged, or a newlywed CONGRATULATIONS! I’m so honored to have you here with me!   By the way, if you’re working through The Essential Wedding and Engagement Planner (and you can learn...

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Ep. 2 Your Wedding Budget: What Is Essential? w/Karen Nguyen, Top Wedding Coordinator

Setting a wedding budget you two can stick to is crucial to giving yourselves the joyful planning experience you deserve! Establishing healthy budgeting conversations and practices is also key to a happy marriage. My guest is Karen Nguyen, owner of one of the top wedding coordination firms in Los Angeles and in this episode we're breaking down your wedding budget. We'll make sure you're not surprises with unexpected expenses and help you two make sure your budget includes everything it should!

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