9 Steps for Time Blocking Your Days

Suggestions For How to Time Block Using One of Our Essential Time Block Notepads:

(1) Create a brain dump along the left column. Write in every to-do that comes to mind.

(2) Move over to the right side and write in any appointments you've committed to in the corresponding time blocks.

(3) Continue working on the right side and fill in open time slots. Pull your to-do's from the left column and place them into the time slots that make the most sense. For example:

  • If you must do one to-do first in order to prepare for another, place them in that order.
  • If you're most productive in the mornings, schedule the to-do's that will require the most focus (or the to-do's that will require the most motivation or bravery on your part) then. Flip this if you're most productive in afternoons or evenings.
  • If you know you're prone to an afternoon slump (don't worry - same here!) then give yourself a break in the afternoon.

    (4) Be reasonable about how long each to-do will take so you don't cause overwhelm.

    (5) Leave blank time slots for breaks and rest. Don't overfill your day. If a surprise comes up or a to-do takes longer than anticipated, you'll be glad you gave yourself this margin. Plus, breaks can be just as crucial as to-do's because breaks can move you into the right head space for accomplishing your next to do's.

    (6) The "Miscellaneous" section is all yours, friend! Track or notate whatever is important to you. We hear that some people use this section to schedule "self care" while others use this section to schedule reminders related to their husband/wife, kids, school, work, pets, birthdays, clients, or someone in their care. 

    (7) Add to-do's for the night in the "Tonight" section. There is also a helpful prompt to remind you to think about what's for dinner (in case you need to shop, defrost, grab a recipe, do some prep, call a friend, make a reservation, place an order, etc.)

    (8) Down at the bottom, track your water or fluid intake and track your exercise and stretch breaks.

    (9) Hopefully you find your groove right away, but don't forget that successful time blocking is a process. The beauty of a notepad, is that you get to rip off the page and start over every day. Ask yourself what worked yesterday (and what didn't) and continue to fine-tune your process until you're creating days you love!